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House Renovations on the Rise in New Zealand

New Zealanders love to renovate. The number of homes being renovated has jumped nearly 30 per cent in the past three years. There are plenty of good reasons for house renovations whether it's to stay or to sell and at the moment it is proving to be big business.

A growing number of house owners are choosing to renovate rather than sell, scared off by booming property prices. Whether it's a big new extension, a contemporary kitchen and bathroom, or just adding some French doors and a deck for that all important indoor outdoor flow, we are signing up to transform our homes. Other popular renovation choices include adding a garage and extra bedroom.

If you like the location you're in but need more space or just want to modernise your home and make it more comfortable, investing in your existing property makes sense. If there's nothing available in your area that meets your needs, or you just enjoy living there, the costs of a house renovation can be the best option.

Renovations are also a way to increase your profits when it comes to selling. In this situation,  your home renovations become more of a business decision and home owners need to do their research and be careful not to overcapitalise.

Many Kiwis have heard renovation horror stories of when everything takes longer than it should and the costs spiral out of control. That's why homeowners who use a professional builder like Nelson based You Build appreciate the value in a team who offer a complete service and keep everything to budget.

As much as we love our renovations in New Zealand, they're not always straight forward, so whether you're renovating to stay or with selling in mind, it's well worth finding a builder you trust who will support you through your renovation project from start to finish.