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Nelson House Prices Hit Record Highs

Asking prices for houses in Nelson have soared to record highs according to Trade Me's December property index figures.

Thanks to a 17.6 per cent rise in the past 12 months, the average asking price in Nelson has now rocketed past the half million dollar mark, coming in at $548,450.

Haven Property management manager Jeanette Aspin said she had not seen phenomenal growth like it and did not foresee the demand for houses in Nelson slowing down any time soon.

Trade Me Property head Nigel Jeffries said the property market in the top of the South Island was particularly strong.

Nelson's Summit Real Estate sales manager Ben Nalder said he saw a huge demand from buyers and new subdivisions, mainly in Richmond, provided more options for those looking to buy or build a house.

Infometrics Senior Economist Benje Patterson says rising house prices have lifted incentives to build, as evident by the 16% increase in residential building consents over the past year. The strong level of building activity in the Nelson-Tasman area includes demand for renovations to existing homes as well as those planning new builds.

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Land Supply Shortage Hinders New Home Builds in Nelson

Nelson city has long had a problem with its shortage of land. Real estate agents and property developers say the land supply shortage is a dominant influence on the high level of competition in the Nelson property market and is pushing other buyers to outlying areas.

Building new homes in Nelson city is constrained in terms of land, the topography, ground conditions and infrastructure. However peopl continue to be attracted to new house builds for the combination of warmth, maintenance, and design preferences they offer. Most people also expect to make capital gains when they build their own home, making it a sensible financial option.

Wakatu property general manager Iain Sheves said new building developments in Nelson in areas such as Richmond and Motueka, could not be built fast enough.

From January to July of last year, over 40 sections of land had been sold "unconditionally" in Nelson, from Stoke to Atawhai, according to the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand statistics.

The Nelson-Tasman region has seen a 16 per cent jump in building consents this financial year, according to Building and Construction Industry Training Organisation (BCITO) statistics.

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Understanding House Renovations and Alterations


New Zealanders love to renovate. But contrary to the popular myth, that doesn't automatically mean the expertise needed to carry out a renovation is hardwired into our DNA. The prospect of turning an old property into your dream home can be exciting but knowing what renovations, additions and alterations, actually mean and what you need to start planning for, can be challenging.

Many people renovate homes to update and improve them, add value or create more space. Sometimes renovations are also referred to as alterations, and may involve an addition or an extension.

Design and building professionals will almost certainly be necessary if you're planning an addition. Additions are complicated by the need to tie into the existing home. A new addition needs to be structurally compatible and ideally, aesthetically sympathetic which is why their design and construction is not generally a DIY renovation.

No matter what the scale of your alterations, home renovation specialists will encourage you to think early on in the process about your preferences for style and materials. Do you want to carefully match the current style of the house or are you looking for an adventurous contrast? Will the renovation include modernising elements such as rewiring the house or updating bathroom fittings? Will the alterations provide an opportunity to put in more insulation or extra storage?

Whatever your design ideas, go into a renovation with your eyes open. Be aware that older homes will often have a few surprises in store. However, if you like your location then improving your house can be a good solution as well as increasing its value.

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A Closer Look at Building Costs in New Zealand

Before you start a building project it's useful to have some idea of your budget and to help with that, it's really essential to have a rough idea of building costs. Just as long you remember that building costs are only as accurate as the detail you are able to put in to them.

To give a very broad indication, $1500 m2 is very cheap, $2-2500 m2 is more commonplace while figures from $3000 m2 and upwards are typically more consistent with complex builds such as architecturally designed houses.

Having said that, all building projects are very different and the best way to get an idea of the cost is to talk with your builder and designer about the design and different materials you want to use from cladding and joinery to the appliances, and get their ballpark figures.

When you get your quotes, check that you’re comparing apples with apples. Cheaper quotes may have left out items or deliberately under quoted. You could find you pay more down the track. And don't forget to include a contingency of approximately 10% in your budget. Unexpected extra costs will almost certainly crop up.

When you're ready, using a Quantity Surveyor to price your project is a good way to way to get the most accurate estimate of your building costs. Early on is the best time to understand the expenses you'll be in for, while you're still able to tweak the plans. The further down the track you are when you change your mind, the more serious the effects on the budget! 

Tips for Designing the Ultimate Indoor Outdoor Space

If you're building a new home in Nelson, it’s important to think about your indoor outdoor living early on. The smooth flow between inside and outside, and the layout of the house is very important so discuss your ideas with your building team and together you can establish how your outdoor living can fit in best with your site and house design.

Aside from the budget, there are some important things to consider when designing your indoor outdoor space.

The critical element is to make sure the style and proportions of outdoor areas match those of the interior. You want to be able to treat your outdoor space as an additional room. Flooring, furniture and materials should be consistent with the themes inside so they appear as one continuous living space.

Choosing how you want to access your outdoor space is a key decision. There are benefits to using large sliders that will really open your indoors to the outside space. Classic french doors are another popular solution.

Try to orientate your outdoor area to the north to maximise the sun. Think about whether you need shade in summer. Think about separating spaces to make different zones, or using screens to provide shelter from a prevailing wind. 

Outdoor dining and cooking spaces are also an essential part of modern outdoor living, from built in fireplaces to full outdoor kitchens. And if you're thinking of incorporating a pool or spa, it’s also important to consider access, safety fencing, and surface treatment.

No matter what their size, courtyards, decks and gardens can be specifically designed to be relaxing living and entertaining spaces that will suit your lifestyle. 

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Key Steps to Building Your Dream Home

The chance to design and build your own home in Nelson is an exciting opportunity. It's a chance to think about who you are, what you want, how you want to live, and to design and build a home that fits you perfectly.

Building your dream home or renovation can also have its challenges and frustrations. It can help to understand the essential steps that need to happen along the way.

Firstly, you’ll need to do some research. Think about what you can afford, what you want to achieve in a home and collect pictures of designs you like.

Choose a designer and Nelson builder. Working with a professional and experienced team who understand your dream will mean a more enjoyable experience as they guide you through this complex journey.

Develop the project brief and establish a budget. Using a spreadsheet system such as Excel is ideal for developing a budget as you can continuously update and modify it through the build.

Develop the concept design. Moving walls on paper is a lot easier than after they’re built so plan, plan, plan and don't settle until you’ve explored all avenues.

Your certified Nelson builder should advise you if you need to assess any environmental impacts in order to get a Resource Consent for your build. Otherwise it's time to prepare a developed design and the construction plans and submit them to the council for Building Consent.

Finally, the construction of your dream Nelson home can begin. Stay calm, keep your sense of humour and trust your team to address the issues. Soon you'll be enjoying your beautiful new home that you’ve worked hard to create. 

House Renovations on the Rise in New Zealand

New Zealanders love to renovate. The number of homes being renovated has jumped nearly 30 per cent in the past three years. There are plenty of good reasons for house renovations whether it's to stay or to sell and at the moment it is proving to be big business.

A growing number of house owners are choosing to renovate rather than sell, scared off by booming property prices. Whether it's a big new extension, a contemporary kitchen and bathroom, or just adding some French doors and a deck for that all important indoor outdoor flow, we are signing up to transform our homes. Other popular renovation choices include adding a garage and extra bedroom.

If you like the location you're in but need more space or just want to modernise your home and make it more comfortable, investing in your existing property makes sense. If there's nothing available in your area that meets your needs, or you just enjoy living there, the costs of a house renovation can be the best option.

Renovations are also a way to increase your profits when it comes to selling. In this situation,  your home renovations become more of a business decision and home owners need to do their research and be careful not to overcapitalise.

Many Kiwis have heard renovation horror stories of when everything takes longer than it should and the costs spiral out of control. That's why homeowners who use a professional builder like Nelson based You Build appreciate the value in a team who offer a complete service and keep everything to budget.

As much as we love our renovations in New Zealand, they're not always straight forward, so whether you're renovating to stay or with selling in mind, it's well worth finding a builder you trust who will support you through your renovation project from start to finish. 

Things to Consider When Choosing a House Builder

House building is a big investment. Carrying out building work also has health and safety consequences and can be stressful, disruptive and costly if amateurs make mistakes. So it is important to find a good builder, experienced in the work you require and offering clear, competitive rates.

You need a builder you can trust to produce a top standard of work. Take time to find the best house builder for you.

If possible, start by getting a referral from family or friends. Find out how long the builder has been trading and what skills and experience they have in the particular work you need doing.

References from previous clients are a great way to learn about the level of quality you can expect with their workmanship and products. It's also a great way to find out about the builder's overall conduct. Were they hardworking, reliable and communicate well throughout the process?

Don’t let builders blind you with the cheapest estimate. If possible, go and view some examples of their building work - remember not all homes are created equal so ensure when you're comparing quotes that you are making as direct a comparison as possible.

Check that your potential house builder is a Licenced Building Practitioner (LBP) and check to see if they're members of the New Zealand Certified Builders Association (NZCB) or the Registered Master Builders Association (RMBA).These associations set requirements and rules for their members which should give you some confidence.

Check that the builder has the right insurance to protect you and your property and make sure they offer a guarantee. No homeowner wants to be caught in the midst of a failed building process so having a good building guarantee can give you financial peace of mind for your investment.