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Tips for Designing the Ultimate Indoor Outdoor Space

If you're building a new home in Nelson, it’s important to think about your indoor outdoor living early on. The smooth flow between inside and outside, and the layout of the house is very important so discuss your ideas with your building team and together you can establish how your outdoor living can fit in best with your site and house design.

Aside from the budget, there are some important things to consider when designing your indoor outdoor space.

The critical element is to make sure the style and proportions of outdoor areas match those of the interior. You want to be able to treat your outdoor space as an additional room. Flooring, furniture and materials should be consistent with the themes inside so they appear as one continuous living space.

Choosing how you want to access your outdoor space is a key decision. There are benefits to using large sliders that will really open your indoors to the outside space. Classic french doors are another popular solution.

Try to orientate your outdoor area to the north to maximise the sun. Think about whether you need shade in summer. Think about separating spaces to make different zones, or using screens to provide shelter from a prevailing wind. 

Outdoor dining and cooking spaces are also an essential part of modern outdoor living, from built in fireplaces to full outdoor kitchens. And if you're thinking of incorporating a pool or spa, it’s also important to consider access, safety fencing, and surface treatment.

No matter what their size, courtyards, decks and gardens can be specifically designed to be relaxing living and entertaining spaces that will suit your lifestyle. 

Talk to the team at You Build Nelson about your visions for an indoor outdoor space.