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Understanding House Renovations and Alterations


New Zealanders love to renovate. But contrary to the popular myth, that doesn't automatically mean the expertise needed to carry out a renovation is hardwired into our DNA. The prospect of turning an old property into your dream home can be exciting but knowing what renovations, additions and alterations, actually mean and what you need to start planning for, can be challenging.

Many people renovate homes to update and improve them, add value or create more space. Sometimes renovations are also referred to as alterations, and may involve an addition or an extension.

Design and building professionals will almost certainly be necessary if you're planning an addition. Additions are complicated by the need to tie into the existing home. A new addition needs to be structurally compatible and ideally, aesthetically sympathetic which is why their design and construction is not generally a DIY renovation.

No matter what the scale of your alterations, home renovation specialists will encourage you to think early on in the process about your preferences for style and materials. Do you want to carefully match the current style of the house or are you looking for an adventurous contrast? Will the renovation include modernising elements such as rewiring the house or updating bathroom fittings? Will the alterations provide an opportunity to put in more insulation or extra storage?

Whatever your design ideas, go into a renovation with your eyes open. Be aware that older homes will often have a few surprises in store. However, if you like your location then improving your house can be a good solution as well as increasing its value.

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