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The building process

How we work with you

Whether you use an architect or one of our certified plans, here are the basic steps that we under-take to ensure you're happiness and the completion of your new home:


step 1

initial Consultation

We will organize a time to meet at your home or property. We want hear your ideas so we can provide our expertise to offer advice on how these can be achieved.

step 2

Concept plans

If set drawings are required for your build, Our designer will create concept plans based on what you have come up with, combined with our input. It's common for these to be revised 2-3 times until you are happy with the layout of your home.

step 3


The next step is to provide you with a comprehensive project estimate. Once you are happy to go ahead, we then sign a Certified Builders contract, as well as a “Project Summary”, which outlines the scope of your project.


step 4


Once the contract is signed, we will get your working drawings processed. This involves initiating communication with the council and liaising with surveyors, engineers etc. in order to get your project moving as efficiently as possible. Then we will meet with you to run through a planned project timeline for your build.

step 5


During the construction phase we will look after the project budget, organizing contractors, materials and council inspections etc. We pride ourselves on excellent communication and transparency with our clients and will always be available as your point of contact for any questions or queries that you may have.

step 6


Once construction is complete there are a few final boxes to tick. Your project manager will communicate with you throughout the process about what happens after passing your final inspection, including applying for a Code Compliance Certificate.